Essay on The Girl Who Loved The Sky

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Literature makes human beings different than other creatures. As one of the most important forms of literature, poetry helps people to express their inner feelings and takes readers to a wider world. Therefore, having a better understanding of poetry can help people to think questions in more diverse ways. This poetry explication will take the poem “The Girl Who Loved the Sky”, wrote by Anita Endrezze in year 1992 as an example to discover the magic of poetries. This poem describes a precious friendship between two girls—one who has no father, the other one is blind. Anita Endrezze uses the girl who had no father as story’s main speaker. With this girl’s story, Endrezze tells audiences an important idea: although a person is blind, she may find more beauty of the world than normal people. Meanwhile, author reveals her main point by using literature skills like compare two girls’ perceptions of the world, use foreshadowing, appeal to five senses, use contrasts, and end in climax.
In order to point out the theme, Endrezze compares two girls’ perception of the world in the whole poem. At the beginning, the girl who had no father presents the classroom, sky and the world from her eyes. Everything just represents quite as it seems. As the persona illustrates, “The desks were made of yellowed wood / the tops littered with eraser rubbings / rulers, and big fat pencils” (lines 6-8). After the speaker meets the blind girl, how she looks at sky and world become different. The bind…

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