Essay On Quotidian Cruelties

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The news fails to report “quotidian cruelties” against women and girls due to a lack of “receptivity” regarding discriminatory practices towards women accepted by “habituated” local communities. “Quotidian cruelties” are inhumane acts that are of a daily occurrence and due to “habituation” are overlooked by the public. Our “habituation” is a lack of response or reaction to the stimulus due to our daily exposure to the events. Written by editors of the New York Times, Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, “The Girl Effect”, focuses on discrimination against women and how the news fails to cover such topics. However, journalists can expose such practices and events through their writing. In order for this to occur, they must first become “receptive” towards “gendercide” practices; therefore, they must look at this topic through fresh eyes.
Reporting on foreign cultures sheds light on Botton’s theories about the “traveling mindset” in opposition to “habituation”. Practices of foreign cultures are received with a “traveling mindset”. If you are an
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Through “habituation” we have familiarized ourselves with the cultures surrounding us making us unresponsive and unbothered by them. A perfect example of a crime that has become habituated is rape culture. This is a huge problem in America. Rape culture is the normalization of sexual assault in our society. Including victim blaming, the objectification of the human body, and the glorification of abuse. Beatings or violence towards women from husbands or boyfriends are also overlooked in America due to “habituation”. Because it happens every day Americans no longer We do not see these grave matters with fresh eyes so we have become accustomed to or habituate towards these cruelties we are so familiar with, this leads to us not being shocked by the acts and not seeing the immensity of bad in such

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