The Gathering Text Response Essay

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Text Response – Good Vs. Evil

Good vs. evil is a widely explored theme in Isobelle Carmody's novel 'The Gathering'. It is most evident in the battle between the Chain and the Kraken, however the more sinister, subtler acts of evil occur when he attempts to make each member vulnerable by breaching their weaknesses. While the physical examples such as the final battle, the murder of The Tod and the violent acts by Buddha and his gang could certainly be classified as evil, it is my belief that the brainwashing of the students and the fanatical powers of illusion Mr. Karle wields are more insidious, swiftly inhabiting and manifesting in the minds of people in a way that is more powerful than any outright acts of violence.

An example of
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This part of the novel includes a battle between Nissa and a feral dog; this is a physical battle between good and evil. This excerpt from the novel shows that the Chain do in fact fight a physical battle against the malicious forces of darkness contained in Cheshunt.

An additional case of Good Vs Evil is found on page 257 "‘Kill them all! Kill them all!' the Kraken shrieked ‘May the Chain prevail long!' " This excerpt from the final battle in the novel demonstrates the fact that the Chain must not only fight a physical battle against the dark forces of Cheshunt. They must also use their unity as a weapon against the darkness

This final and convincing example of evil and brutality in the novel occurs on page 120 "they held me down, belted me with their sticks and then they held me while the dog attacked me". This supports Mrs. Delaney's maxim on people in positions of power: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". The police who had power over normal citizens, became corrupt over time and this is what gave them the capacity to commit violent acts such as this one.

Good Versus Evil is the general theme in this novel, with the members of the Chain endeavoring to defeat the dark forces within Cheshunt. It is an important theme because although the novel is written as a fantasy, it contains realistic settings. All of the examples of good and evil in the book are things that could very

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