The Garden Of Abdul Gasazi Essay

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Introduction: Chris Van Allsburg has been a children’s picture book author and illustrator since he published his first book The Garden of Abdul Gasazi in 1979 and has written over 20 children’s picture books since then. He has won many awards for both his outstanding writing and illustrating of his books; including several New York Best illustrated Children’s Books, several Caldecott Medal awards, the Regina Medal for his lifetime achievement in children’s literature, and many more. All the books that Chris Van Allsburg has written challenges the reader to imagine a world in which everything may not be exactly as it seems. This paper will explore five of Chris Van Allsburg’s books, including examining the literary elements of those books and interpreting two literary criticisms that are shown throughout his writing.
Focal text Evaluations:
I choose five out of Chris Van Allsburg’s expansive collection of work that he has made throughout the past 35 years. It was a difficult decision to make because all of his books that he has published are wonderfully written and illustrated and have something unique to assess. I chose to assess The Garden of Abdul Gasazi because it was his first work as an author and illustrator. I also choose to assess Jumanji and The Polar Express because they are two of his most well-known pieces of literature. In addition, I choose to assess Queen of the Falls because it is one of Chris Van Allsburg’s more recent books that he has published.…

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