The Gap Between Gender And Gender Inequality Essay

1095 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 null Page
The idea that all humans are equal, no matter what the situation, there is a connection between people that will never break. Ask anyone in the real world and this ideal is far beyond true, and if anything there is no group that can say they’re truly equal to another and have it be in a positive light. There have been many improvements over history that have attempted to equalize the gaps between different genders and races, but between the two there is often times a much larger emphasis on the race inequalities. This way there is no possible way for the gender inequalities to make any progress because any attempts are squandered and gender issues never get anywhere. There have been significant gains throughout history though, but there is little evidence that all the problem will be solved within the next fifty to one-hundred years. In gender battles women have always had the short end of the stick so to show that throughout time there are improvements is essential, but not to take away from the progress that has been made. Women have always dealt with issues of injustice due to their gender and these causes have primarily risen due to biological, social, and economical issue throughout history. The first injustice is seen straight from birth with both men and women in the category of biological difficulties and problems. Throughout the challenge of women obtaining their equality in every sense there are many things about history and the human mind that have put obstacles…

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