The Game Of Basketball : The Ball Is Shot And Swoosh Goes The Net

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“Mommy! Daddy! Come look! I know how to shoot a basketball!” The ball is shot and swoosh goes the net. Young and still learning, the child continues to shoot, missing some here, making some there. Every time a shot is made, the same reaction occurs, “Mommy! Daddy! Look! I made another one!” Tears begin to flow...a superstar has been born. The game of basketball has its stages and with each stage comes more and more hard work. From being a little kid showing your ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ that you can shoot a ball, to swallowing nervous energy while waiting in line to see if you made the middle and high school basketball team, to reviewing the many colleges that have sent recruitment letters to finally, ending up in a league paying you to do the thing you love most, playing the game of basketball. Walks, travels, ball carries, and many other countless mistakes are made until the end of the fourth quarter. Parents, relatives, friends and teachers are there cheering on the never ending game. Children live for the end of the season when they will be crowned “all winners” receiving a small trophy that will become one the major highlights of their little lives. Recreation sport leagues serve to be an essential part of a growing athletes fundamental skills. For many youth, recreation sport leagues give them a way to express themselves, release emotions, and keep them out of the streets and trouble. Across the United States, it is recorded that more than 2,000…

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