The Futuristic Setting Of The Dreamlife Of Toasters Essay

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1. The futuristic setting of The Dreamlife of Toasters is one of a near future (2075) where androids and humans live alongside each other. Androids are commonplace and look identical to humans, they can be only be spotted by how they act which is quite different from humans. Driving cars, streets and sidewalks are all mentioned so it can be assumed the world doesn’t look to far off from our current one.

2. 4F6 in the story The Dreamlife of Toasters is different from other androids; she feels her stomach turn when she kisses BX19 and becomes impregnated with a tiny robot. This alongside her fascination of BX19s stories of love and murder give her human like sense if things, other androids would not be moved by human dilemmas or moved at all for that matter. The cause of her differences she suspects stems from when an accident at a subway station, “she had been shoved onto the subway tracks and, as she hit the rail, an electric current had surged through her” (16). Ever since her accident “her electrical currencies have been too high” (17) causing her differences.

3. In The Dreamlife of Toasters 4F6 an android kisses BX19 and experiences an astonishing feeling and an unusual consequence. It felt like her “heart dunked into her stomach” (48) and her insides began to fall apart, “miniature wires and bolts fell from inside her chest into her stomach” (50). After this experience she pondered what it meant, replaying it obsessively until a tiny metal object exited her. The…

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