The Future Of Energy And The State Of California Essay

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In analyzing the future of energy in the United States, the state of California will be the city of interest. It is one of the most populated states in the United States of America and as such it is expected to have equally high demand for energy. On the contrary, it has one of the least per-capita energy’s usages. This is attributable to some factors, which the state enjoys. These are mild climatic conditions experienced in the state relative to other parts of the nation, energy supplementation programs to back up the major energy sources that are electricity as well as petroleum. Finally, the presence of proactive laws and regulations concerning energy’s usage has also contributed to the efficient use energy in California (Fehl, 2010). The main energy sources, which satisfy most of the state’s energy requirements, are Electricity and Petroleum. California is one of America’s states that are greatly endowed with oil fields located in the coastal regions. The crude oil is mined and refined. California as a state has formulated environmental protection laws concerning the refinery of crude oil such that the products should have lower sulfur content. The whole idea is to conform to the world Kyto-Protocal agreement aimed at protecting the world against the Greenhouse effect (Patrick, 2007). Natural gas is piped from the Rocky Mountains and caters for at least 2% of California’s energy requirements.
The world today has come to the realization that there is a need to use…

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