The Functions Of Law By Edward Adamson Hoebel Essay

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Critical Review Assignment — Tasson
The Functions of Law

The central idea highlighted in the reading, The Functions of Law illustrates that law has certain functions that are essential to the making of the most simple societies. With these laws in place, communities have a sense of direction and clearer understanding of their roles as they take them on in order for the society to work as a cohesive whole. The most commonly used definition of law is rules of conduct imposed by a state upon its members and enforced by the courts. The author, Edward Adamson Hoebel, has broken the function of law down to its simplest meaning, starting from the beginning of time and how the laws have progressed and altered over the years in order to fit the needs in todays modernized society. Hoebel has theorized four different functions of law, with the intentions to have others clearly understand his thought process more effectively. His four functions of law are; to define relationships among the members of society, the necessity of taming naked force and directing force to the maintenance of order, the disposition of trouble cases as they arise, and lastly, to redefine relations between individuals and groups as the conditions of life change. Hoebel’s first function; defining relationships among members of society explains how actives are divided into two groups, those that are permitted and those that are ruled out. The product of this division results in minimal integration that…

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