The Function Of A Circle Essay

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Although the function of a circle is to provide the support and help for the offenders, it does not solely based on this alone. The circle in the program also functions as the “talking circle”( ) that provides the opportunity for the offenders to be placed in the center of attention, so they can connected to one another with the volunteers. Accodring to Höing et al, the engagement factor inclusively measure the “exchange of personal information by volunteers” give the core members “sense of belonging”(Höing et al, 2013). Thus, members of the circle consistently have communications about offense(directly or indircetly), but also personal issues and general interests(Höing et al, 2013). In this regard, the question of whether the participants of the program(offenders) actually have experienced engagement after the completion of the CoSA can be an important factor in evaluating the CoSA.

Höing et al, have examined the quantitative data (personal report) of the core members who participated in the CoSA. According to the article, the core members stated that “being accepted and not being morally condemned as a person by the volunteers- while their offense is clearly not condoned- is crucial for their willingness to be open”(Höing et al, 2013). Thus, the authors have identified that trust was build around the circle between the offenders and volunteers when they have engaged in social actives together. In addition, some core members have developed the ability to be more open and…

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