Essay about The French Revolution And The Revolution

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The French Revolution was a very influential time within the public’s eye and set the foundation for the future centuries to come throughout the world. Among the most influential, whom basically leads the French Revolution, include those whom had titles residing in the Constituent Assembly, Monsieur Dufourny de Villiers, Olympe de Gouges, Robespierre, Pierre Antoine Lesueur and Napoleon. From people, such as those previously stated, ideas and objectives of the men and women who participated in the French Revolution changed very little as time progressed; the ideas and objectives of French revolutionaries have always been centered around ideas of equality, liberty, and freedom. Ideas of equality were seen as influential in this era due to most viewing social classes with distinct lines, refusing to acknowledge those whom border those fine lines of class distinction, and giving the same equality to all without regard to class distinction and social status. One statement, from a French Revolutionary Pamphlet, created in 1789 by Monsieur Dufourny de Villiers, pleas for a society in which “the well-off must pay a twentieth, the rich must pay two and a half times that [more than a twentieth], the opulent six [times that], the bloated ten [times that] (Document 1).” This statement suggests the reality and unfairness associated with the government system and the lowest of social classes in 1789. In similarity, an excerpt from one of Napoleon’s speeches, later on in 1796, to his…

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