The French Revolution And The Revolution Essay

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Before the French Revolution beginning in 1789 and with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French had an unfair tax system. The lords kept big chunks of the taxes that were supposed to be given to the Kings and the peasants were having a difficult time living off of what they earned. French merchants and manufacturer were able to collect huge wealth from marketing profits, but they were lacking fair representation in the feudal system of the ruling class. Noble and clergy did not have to pay any tax, the workers, middle class, and the were required to pay. The cost of flour began to rise and became less affordable that people were left to starve and die. In the events that led up to World War I, many French women had to transition dramatically and instantaneously from the comforts and safe living of their home. During this time, they also had suffered losses of their men who never returned from the war. There were barely any shelter and security when their homes in France were invaded and destroyed by the Germans. At the end of World War II, France became one of the leading states that learned to monopolize agriculture.
French Revolution and Industrial Revolution The French Revolution was based on the same insight and principles as the American Revolution, but it was much more violent, brutal, and bloody period of time. The power were transferred between classes where the American Revolution powers were transferred from the British upper class to…

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