The French Revolution : A Redefinition Of The Form Of Government And Politics

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The French Revolution: A Redefinition of the Form of Government and Politics. During the period of the years 1789-1799, French citizens lived a time of political and social changes unprecedented in history. The French Revolution proved to be a pivotal period in the history of the world where politics, government, and society in general evolved into a model of a democratic system, also serving as a fundamental base for human beings to recognize their rights and duties. Although many changes occurred, it is important to highlight those changes that represented a milestone for the global picture of the period and marked the future awakening of other countries against the monarchical governments that prevailed in the world. The progressive diffusion of philosophical ideas from the Enlightenment, the creation of the National Assembly and the Constitution of 1791, the active participation of women for the first time in a popular revolutionary process, and above all, the creation of a new regime where the bourgeoisie and the popular masses became the ruling class of society, were the main features that made the French Revolution an unique and unprecedented process.
The Age of Enlightenment was undoubtedly a period of unprecedented intellectual agitation that leads a shift in the popular way of thinking. Intellectuals such as Voltaire, Roseau, and Montesquieu rejected the idea of a society divided among social classes and promoted his works through the concepts of liberty,…

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