The French And Indian War Essay

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As settlers arrived in the new world, more land was required to accommodate the expansion. To obtain the land new relationships had to be built and the competition had to be eliminated. However, as a consequence, hundreds of innocent lives were lost in the fierce battle between the two nations. The following events were of importance because they led to the formation of America and its future ideologies. The French and Indian War did not strengthen the relationships between Colonists, Native Americans, the British, and the French. On the contrary, it managed to deteriorate and weaken their relationships due to their different and opposing views, the failure of powerful nations to take into consideration their allies needs, and the inevitable uprising of a new nation.
Countries all over the world created the foundation of their societies around their own and sometimes different views. At one point, various European countries believed that people with different cultural beliefs were inferior; thus, they believed they had the right to take over inferior countries and exploit their natural resources. For example, the British believed that “rich or poor the man was the head of the house, his power justified by the teaching of the Christian church.” (Henretta 18); on the other hand, some Native American tribes were matriarchal societies. Since Native Americans and English societies had opposing perspectives regarding who made the important decisions as head of the household, they…

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