The Freedom Of Choice Essay

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Pregnancy is something that must be taken seriously. It is one of the largest responsibilities a woman can take on in her lifetime. It is expected that a mother should assume full responsibility and ensure that the child is healthy and safe until he or she is able to take care of and provide for themselves Furthermore, a lot of research has shown a direct correlation between tobacco smoking during pregnancies and health problems for both the child and the mother. In result that is why many people debate whether or not woman are entitled the freedom of choice in regard to smoking during pregnancy. Philosopher John Locke would most likely not approve of hindering your own health, however he is a firm believer that a person is entitled to make his or her own choices in regards to their body. “Every man, in that, has the supreme and absolute Authority of judging for himself.” For this reason, Locke explains this through his concept of voluntarism. When he states “ a thing is good for me only if I believe it is good for me,” he implies that if you want to smoke you should not be told to do otherwise. In no way would Locke support a law against smoking because a law is supposed to benefit society as a whole and due to the fact that society has permitted smoking it would be hypocritical to deny people of it. Furthermore, denying someone of personal sovereignty will ultimately break the social contract because it is supposed to protect the life, liberty, and property of…

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