Essay on The Free Labor Of African Americans

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The institution of slavery denied African-Americans the economic, educational, political and social opportunities for nearly 250 years, which relegated them to second class citizenship status. The free labor of African-Americans was part of the economic engine that made the United States today’s richest country in the world. There is no monetary compensation that could repair the psychological and economic damages Black people suffered as a result of slavery and the systematic racism instituted by White Americans to keep black people at the bottom of the totem pole. African-Americans are owed more than just monetary compensation by the United States.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade nearly 450,000 Africans were brought to the United States, a majority of whom ended up on the plantations in the South. These blacks were tangible assets and personal properties of white plantation owners and worked in the most inhumane and barbaric conditions and afforded no human rights. The cotton productions by slave fueled both the economy in the South and the industrial North whose factories produced textiles with cotton from the South. By 1860, southern states produced two-thirds of the world’s cotton and became the number one export of the United States, bringing funds that financed canals, railroad, cities, and factory construction. Southern industrialists and merchants made millions and became wealthy at the expense of the slaves. Meanwhile, American society denied Black people the…

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