The Four Roles Of Andy Warhol By Henry Sayre

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1:1--- After considering the four roles of the artist that author Henry Sayre notes; I believe that the most important role for Andy Warhol 1963 is to make a visual record of the people, places and events or their time and place. I believe that Warhol was making a records of a specific time in the events of May 1963 Birmingham, Alabama when the police employee dog to attacks and fires hoses against the demonstrators led by martin Luther King Jr. I believe he used the red, white and blue colors for the American flag to represent the freedom of speech. That he want to show riot and violent events in these pictures. He want to show us the civil right movement. In the picture it show a police dog on a leash held by an officer and looks like the …show more content…
Again this work of art show the time in history and to see meaning in what was happening.

1:2-- An early sketches the painting had seven figures. There was five prostitutes, a sailor in the middle and a medical student carrying a book. People debates that he might have wanted to tell a story about dangers and joys of both work and pleasure but abandoned the male figures in later drawings. The early sketches show that he was making a drawing of a narrative scene of a brothel with the medical student, sailor and five nude women. Picasso seem to throw away all traditional ways of art and normal sense of beauty. After Picasso visited the Palais du Trocadero, now the Museum of Man in Paris and seeing the collection of African sculpture; he work began to change. It change mostly after seeing the African mask. This must have had a strong impression on Picasso. The mask seem to change the way he look at art. He then transformed the
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It shows a Muslim woman in a black chador, with the traditional covering from head to toe. A rifle to divide the face with a Farsi poem by the devout Iranian woman poet Tahereh Saffarzadeh. I believe this is what Neshat’s Rebellious Silence art is actually depicted in this artwork. The subject is looking at tradition and modernity. The veil is a symbol of freedom, the gaze is power and gun is control many might say. The form is looking at anything from the materials used, to the way it employs the various formal elements. It looks at the ways in which these material are used such as the lightening, lines, colors used and the composition is the result of that. I see that the form is defined by the hard edge of her black chador against the white background. The rifle splits the face into two symmetrical areas. Might mean that the women is divide from both sides. The woman eyes stare intensely into the viewer eyes. The weapon also implies a violent. Also the four symbols that are associated with Muslim culture of the veil, the gun, the text and

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