The Four Noble Truths: Buddhism And The Essence Of Buddhism

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1. What is the essence of Buddhism?
Gen Kelsang Lekma stated that the essence of Buddhism is really a way of understanding your mind. And going through Buddha 's skillful method of discovering the mind through meditation and helping us to understand how to control negative states of mind to increase our positive state of mind so we can achieve happiness.
2. Was Buddha a deity?
No, Buddha is seen more as a master teacher and an enlightened being. Because he has attained enlightenment- he has extraordinary powers, which gives him the ability to manifest in any form.
3. What are the Four Noble Truths?
The Four Noble Truths teach us the actual nature of life or our existence and give us an understanding of how to follow the spiritual path.
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For instance if we were really hungry, and we thought of food- that’s pleasure. But if it was a source of pleasure, the more we did it- the more we would enjoy. But what food gives us is pleasure simply by means of the fact that it reduces our previous suffering of hunger.
5. How can lasting happiness be found?
Lasting happiness can be found by removing the causes of suffering from our minds. We need to remove the potential for suffering from our mind, like negative karma in our mind.
6. What is the potential for suffering?
The potential for suffering, can be negative karma in our mind. Our karma is ripening every moment, and its inherited through our previous actions of this life and previous lives. Some people recall previous lives, and happen to preserve the negative karma in their minds. That is what they must avoid to find lasting happiness.
7. What two wishes do all human beings have?
One is to avoid suffering and one is to achieve happiness.
8. When did Buddhism begin to appear in America?
Buddhism first appeared in the U.S in the 50s and 60s, where celebrities, like the Beatles, briefly attracted people to Buddhism. However, large numbers of Americans interested in Buddhism has only been in the last 20
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What does Buddhism focus on?
Buddhism focuses on what are the problems that arising in your life. For instance, they focus on how everything comes from the mind. If you have a negative state of mind, you experience negativity in your life. If you have a positive state of mind, you experience positivity. It focuses on how people can deal with everyday situations, and how to keep a positive mind even under stress 11. Is the notion of God necessary to Buddhism?
Judaism, Christianity and Islam tend to focus on what does God want. However Buddhism makes you look closely on what you want and it shows you ways in which you can gradually transform that into a deeper wisdom. So, the notion of God isn’t necessary to Buddhism- making the religion nontheistic.
12. What is the purpose of mediation?
In the west, mediation is viewed as journey through the soul. In the east, mediation is a self-examination and a journey towards the reality of things as they are in the present moment. In Asia, buddhist focus on spiritually connecting with divine figures outside themselves. While in the U.S, buddhist are more about the intellectual and the meditative endeavour.
13. What exists independent of the

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