The Four Loves By B. S. Lewis Essay

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Review on The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis.
The four loves is a book about different types of love written by C. S. Lewis (1898-1963). Lewis was a man of many occupations such as Novelist, scholar, broadcaster and English literature tutor, but for this purpose a British novelist, who studied at Oxford University and was married to Joy Davidman and is still celebrated for his wonderful works. Apart from The four loves, he wrote other books like, The Allegory of Love, Boxen, God in the Dock, Miracles, Mere Christianity, and a lot more. Though most of his books are fiction and Christian related, his books have high ratings. Geoffrey Bles published the book the four loves in 1960, which was first issued in 1958.
This book is basically about love, and is based on philosophical and Christianity perspectives. In the introduction, Lewis talks about the difference between need love and gift love. According to him, “The first distinction I made was therefore between what I called Gift-love and Need-love” (The four loves, Pg. 3). He also went on to give examples of these types of love, which are not part of the four loves. His example of gift-love was a “love, which moves a man to work and plan and save for the future well-being of his family which he will die without sharing or seeing” (The four loves, Pg. 3). He further explained that, “Divine Love is Gift-love. The Father gives all He is and has to the Son. The Son gives Himself back to the Father and gives Himself to the world, and…

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