The Founding Of A City Essay

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The Founding of A City Undeniably rooted in each human soul is the deep seated desire to leave the indelible mark of one 's self behind. But an entire city? Now that really is exceptional! When Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable set out on his journey, I 'm sure he had no idea that would be, ultimately, where his travels would end. Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable was born, at best estimates, sometime between 1745 and 1750 in the small port town of the then French colony of Saint - Dominique. Today, this region is the St. Mark area of Western Haiti. From what can be understood, and most of this was gathered from information collected during government and other agency meetings, DuSable was parented by a French seamen, perhaps a pirate, named DuSable, and a woman of West African descent. She, his mother, was most likely Haitian and had had her freedom purchased by her husband. Little well documented information is available on the early years of DuSable, yet, one thing that is evident: his formative years were spent studying in France (Discovering Curiously, although DuSable was fluent in several languages (it was said he could speak English, French, Spanish, and multiple Native American languages), reports that, surprisingly, despite all of his success, there are those that had argued that he had never learned to formally read and write. ( 2012). Despite this controversy, the answer may lie with…

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