The Fortress Of Solitude By Jonathan Lethem Essay

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Childhood friendship can be considered to be something innocent and pure. It is a bond we form early on in our lives that comes along with support and the same likea and dislikes that you share with your friend. The friends you meet in middle school, high school and college are not the same. The relationship that you have with your childhood friends is unique in its own way. Sometimes those friendships don’t last but memories do.
Throughout The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem, the reader is able to follow the friendship of Dylan and Mingus as they grow up in a Brooklyn neighborhood during the 1970’s. We get to be a part of their childhood friendship and the events that caused the friendship to come to and end as the boys went their separate ways one they got older. Dylan Ebdus is a “white” boy who has moved to Gowanus, Brooklyn that is located on Dean Street. He was one of the few people that lived in the brownstone neighborhood and didn’t necessarily fit in among his peers on the block. Dylan was fortunate enough to befriend Mingus Rude who also lived on Dean Street. The two boys quickly bonded over the fact that they live close to each other being the same age and share common interests in comic books. Dylan quickly became intrigued by Mingus, he wanted to “read him like a language”. Being the “white boy” in the neighborhood, Dylan faced drug abuse and racial tension throughout his childhood and with the help of Dylan he was able to overcome these problems.…

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