The Formation Of Secure And Healthy Friendships Essay

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The formation of secure and healthy friendships is a very important milestone in adolescence (Johnson, 2004). It is especially important to the mental health of adults, as friends are the main support system they have at this time (Kessler et al., 2003). Depression is the most common mental disorder in Canada, with 4.7% of the population 15 years and up matched criteria for major depression according to Statistic Canada’s 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey. While professional help is highly encouraged (Kessler et al., 2003), seeking the support of friends or partner is the common choice, especially those who are more on introverted spectrum (Jylha, Melartin, Rytsala, & Isometsa, 2009). The degree of closeness and health of the relationship could have a positive outcome on depressed individuals (Cook, Heinze, Miller, & Zimmerman, 2016), however close friendships or partners whom only aid to perpetuate depression symptoms, such as those who suffer depression as well, contribute negatively to the moving past the disorder (Raposa, Hammen, & Brennan, 2015). A great deal of research has looked into the relationship between friendships and their effect on depression. A study by Spithoven et al. (2016) looked into how depression and loneliness were distinct but overlapping constructs. They measured and divided the participants into four clusters, groups that scored low on loneliness and low on depressive symptoms, low on loneness and high on depressive symptoms, high on…

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