The For The Successful Implementation Of Exporting Processes Due For Facilitating International Transactions

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Documents are vital for the successful implementation of exporting processes due to facilitating international transactions (Joshi, 2014). For the exporting process of shipping Cervena Venison to Argentina there are a number of documents that are required that relate to the use of FOB as the term of trade. These are detailed below.

The first is a purchase order, this document comes from the importer and is addressed to the exporter. This specifies the venison that they wish to purchase, this does not have a great level of detail at that current point it is just the establishment of the process.

The commercial invoice with the associated pro forma invoice are important documents for export transactions and are prepared by the exporter. The commercial invoice document provides all information regarding the shipment including the importer and exporter, destination, vessel number, total cost, ports and other important information regarding the exporting process (Joshi, 2014). Soon after the deal is made, a pro forma invoice is prepared and sent to the buyer and when it is accepted it becomes part of the export contract. For the process of exporting venison to Argentina from NZ the commercial invoice serves the main functions of:

A document of content
− This provides information regarding the identification of the venison shipment as it records the specific marks and numbers on the packaging. This ensures that the products are correct.
− Provides a detailed description of…

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