The For The Success Of America 's Future Essays

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A crucial element to ensuring the success of America’s future is to improve the living conditions for our citizens of today, so we may pave a better path for our citizens of tomorrow. It would extremely difficult to find a person who would argue that our culture provides universal opportunities for everyone. As American citizens, it is our duty to work towards a better future for all. In order to improve quality of life, it is imperative to analyze the demographics of different races and age groups to get a better understanding of how certain conditions affect the daily lives of people in our country. It is important to study demographics and statistics before making judgments. Far too often people lean toward stereotypes to talk about the conditions of a group of people, rather than identify the specific causes of the issue. For example, some people may stereotype a specific race as being smart based on media perception, rather than using real statistics to identify education rates by race. When using the demographics of races, it is possible to sift through blanket statements and understand the statistics of our country. In addition to analyzing statistics, it is crucial to understand what causes an increase or decrease in current conditions.
Sex ratio is a very telling demographic to the state of a certain race, in particular it is important to know how it may affect a certain race’s future birth rates. In order to understand how to manipulate the sex ratio it is crucial…

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