The For The Best Healthcare Options For Their People Essay

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To encourage the best healthcare options for its people, the German government has incentivised competition amongst sickness funds by allowing them to negotiate their contribution rates. For example, one sickness fund may offer a contribution rate of 11 percent tax (half of this being paid by the employer), but does not offer coverage when travelling abroad. Another may offer a contribution rate of 10 percent and coverage while abroad, but have a higher co-pay. In this way, the citizen still has the ability to choose between coverage plans and price. The larger the sickness fund, the better paid the staff and management is. The sickness funds are encouraged to create the best plans for the best prices ("Interview Karl Lauterbach."). Because of this, the number of sickness funds have dropped from more than 1000 (“Interview Karl Lauterbach.”) to 130 (Khazan). Should an individual make above 52,000 euros, work for the government, or self- employ, they have the opportunity to enroll in a private health insurance plan. The private health insurance plans are designed in much the same way as the United States insurances-- factors such as age and previous conditions can alter the price or disqualify an individual (“Germany Health Insurance System- An Overview.”). Currently, the German system is having difficulties with doctors preferring to see privately insured patients first, regardless of how trivial the matter, because they are paid higher by their insurance companies for…

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