Essay about The For The 2016 Democratic Convention

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The soundtrack to the 2016 Democratic convention is not only to please the ears of those present, but also to excite supporters and potential supporters nationwide through multi-platform distribution, including, but not limited to TV, social media, and the general media. Naturally, the target audience is younger and more liberal than that of the Republican convention. However, even among Democrats, the day should especially appeal to a younger, more liberal audience as the three major speeches will be delivered by Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders who represent a position slightly further left than most ‘mainstream’ Democrats today. The ten songs to be played were divided into those for television and those for commercial breaks based on their popular appeal and particular messages. Each song was chosen based on its sonic appeal (positivity, simplicity, excite factor, and ‘catchy-ness’), lyrical message, and the (political) identity of the artist, in descending order of each factor’s importance. Altogether, the ten “musical spots” are to excite and appeal to as many current and potential voters as possible. The songs with the widest appeal were selected to play during television coverage. The four songs are generally more recent and well known to the better part of the public, relatively regardless of their demographic. However, as will be explained while analyzing each song choice, popularity and current relevance is only a…

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