The Food Waste Problem

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Food waste is becoming a huge problem in developed countries. The U.S. National Resource Defense Council found that 150 billion dollars’ worth of food is wasted as it ends up rotting in American landfills, and produces methane which is a powerful chemical compound that is 20 times more damaging than green house gas. Canada is also one of the leading food waste countries as the Value Chain Management International estimates that Canadians waste more than 31 billion dollars of edible food each year. Because of our vision of always having the best food, companies are forced to waste their food that looks bad because people do not like to eat anything that does not look appealing to them. But we do not realise that the more we sink into this idea …show more content…
If something is really not that bad than businesses need to learn of ways of giving the excess food away rather than throwing it in the trash. Disposal, In the passage, “How to solve the food waste problem” by Cinda Chavich a root cellar in Victoria’s busy green grocer showcases how much labour-intensive work they do so that they do not waste any food as they take ripped or scarred items into a discount table or to even feed the homeless at a local Rainbow kitchen. A system like Victoria’s busy green grocer shows us that there are a lot of ways of using food that is still edible. The problem is that the businesses should adapt to this as the more they are producing food to make a profit they do not realise that they can make money from their scraps. And by providing a better system of disposal they are creating more jobs for people and keeping our environment clean. As I work for Real Canadian Superstore I see that they take their food that expires on that day and give it to the employees which is smart because instead of throwing the food away its better to eat the most we can cause in the end of the day we can decrease the methane gas and CO2 emissions from our landfills. With better systems of disposal of our excess food we could ultimately save a lot and keep our environment clean, but we also need a

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