Essay on The Food Industry And Unhealthy America

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The Food Industry and an Unhealthy America

There’s been a growing trend to eat healthier in America. However, almost everyone consumes some fast food or processed food products. While there is more than one answer as to how we got this unhealthy, the companies in charge of our food are probably not as trustworthy as you think. By persuading public opinion, disregarding health concerns, and deceiving consumers, the corporations responsible for the food we eat have rigged the system in a way that is designed to force Americans to make unhealthy and uninformed choices.

While examining the impact food companies have on research, Marion Nestle, a nutrition scholar, found that out of 76 studies, over 90 percent of them were “favorable to the sponsor 's interest" (Nestle). Regardless of whether the results of these studies are accurate, the companies who fund them would have a bias for what studies they promote. If one of their research groups concludes something negative about their product, they probably won’t advertise their findings. The real concern is how many people are actually aware these studies are funded by the industry. The news media love to cover “recent studies”, but even if they make a good headline, knowing who was in charge of the study is important. Consumers cannot be left in the dark, because if all they hear about certain products comes from the food industry, public opinion can easily be persuaded. If companies continue to support and promote…

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