The Flight Of The Dragons Essay

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The Flight of the Dragons

"Those two rascals!" Ms. Pearl blurted out, loud enough to wake the dead. I scrambled quickly to my feet and ran into the dining room, where she was pulling pots and pans from a cupboard. She slammed a large skillet down on the table. "I just don 't have the energy anymore to keep them in line," she shouted over her shoulder, and vaguely pointed the pan towards the cave entrance. I wandered outside and spotted twin white dragons with short snouts and spiky little tails stick fighting. They both stopped as soon as they saw me. One of the small dragons ran up and began sniffing my shoes, then circled around and around my leg. "You don 't smell like us." I smiled. "That 's because I 'm not a dragon." "Then what are you?" the other one asked from a little ways off. "I 'm a boy." He stuck out his tongue, threw his wooden sword into the air, and zoomed off towards the kitchen. "Lizzy!" Ms. Pearl shouted. "Breakfast is ready." "Hey your mom 's calling. We better go." "Wait," she cried, looking up at me with her big, adorable red eyes and tears running down her cheeks. "I need to find Henry first." "Who 's Henry?" "He 's my toad." I pointed to a green and white spotted toad that was the same size as a small Chihuahua. "Is that it?" Lizzy giggled as she picked him up. And I realized, with the sun shining brightly above, the adventure ahead, and the dragons by our side, I felt hopeful. With this thought in mind, I found myself…

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