Death Be Not Proud By John Donne

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The Flea and Death, be not Proud Poems are very useful tool that we can use to improve and understand the world around us; however, there are a very big amount of poems that we can read and understand. Some poems are more complicated than others, for that reason we need to choose what fits our skills, situations, and understanding capabilities. There are a lot of differences when it comes to poems such as rhetorical strategies that are used when writing a poem or the tone of each writer. For example, “The Flea” and “Death, be not proud” by John Donne’s are two different poems also, each one of them had their own rhetorical strategies and tone. The Flea is an English poem written in the 17th-century by John Donne. The speaker …show more content…
Donne opens an direct argument with death, also he’s telling death not to be proud because of several reasons. First, death should not be proud even if it looks powerful, it itself is a slave and not scary like people think. Death is just like “rest and sleep” things that can’t be scary. However, the speaker “John Donne” is trying to tell death that he doesn’t have any power or control over people, so death is not mighty and dreadful as people think. Donne says that death is also a slave for fate, chance, kings, desperate men; on the other hand, death best friends are poison, war, and sickness for all those reasons death shouldn’t be proud at all. Donne also wants the reader to know and understand that death is just like sleeping and relaxing however death at the end will die and follow. The central theme of this poem “Death, be not proud” is about the powerlessness of death. Donne uses personification in the reference of death as “Death” also he uses some emotions and some metrical emphasis such as “Mighty and dreadful”. The poem “Death, be not proud” started with a dark and shaded tone but towards the end it seems to have more humanity in it. I think this was because the speaker want the reader to be in positive mood, also he want the reader to agree with what death is capable of. At the end no one came back from death to tell us how it was so we will never know anything about

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