The First Progressive President Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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A Progressive can be defined as a person or group applying social reform or new, profuse ideas. The first progressive president, Theodore Roosevelt, had a very positive impact by transforming the United States into a more modern country and all around a greater country. Roosevelt was one of the most influential people that ever ran the Unites States. This ambitious leader balanced the interests of business, consumer, and laborer. He helped to better America as a country by mainly passing laws that improved working conditions, food and drug companies, and even the environment. Theodore Roosevelt positively renovated the country by advocating a "square deal" for all citizens, limiting the power of trusts, promoting public health and safety, improving working conditions, regulating business, protecting the environment, and establishing foreign affairs. In 1904 the "Square Deal" was Roosevelt 's signature campaign slogan that easily helped him lead to victory to capture the election. The “Square Deal” was based on three main points “limiting the power of trusts, promoting public health and safety, and improving working conditions.” Roosevelt had promised to see to it that every man has a square deal, no less and no more '" (Boyer 576).
Roosevelt passed laws to improve working conditions. The Square Deal was true to the improvement of working conditions. “Eleanor Roosevelt traveled the country and reported back to the president on the real lives of…

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