Essay on The First Doctor, Dr. Fuller

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Mom had a large lump, the size of a grapefruit, on the rear of her neck. Four different doctors refused to operate for fear of paralysis. The fifth doctor, Dr. J.D. Fuller, agreed to remove the mass. The lump had grown larger. Mom had pain in her neck and arms, which she said zapped her like lightning bolts. Dr. Fuller stated he had to remove the mass by “blunted excision.” Mom, dad, and I all wondered what that meant. He made a long incision, reached into her neck, grabbed the mass, twisted, and pulled it out of her. The surgeon ripped muscle from her left breast to her spine and left trapezoid muscle. Mom was left with damaged nerves and muscles, but she was not paralyzed.

Mom got an unwanted and scary birthday present. On September 6, 2010, she telephoned Dr. Fuller to learn her biopsy results. It had been three days since her surgery and still no call. Dr. Fuller was filled with trepidation on how to give the bad news. The biopsy tested positive for terminal cancer, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, likely in a later stage. When mom hung up the phone, she looked at Dad and myself with sad, glassy eyes. Her expression was serious and reminiscent of when an ice storm destroyed her favorite tree. I had never seen mom fearful other than when dad had his quadruple heart bypass surgery. A few minutes after her phone call, mom sat down with slumped shoulders and a lowered head. Then she slightly raised her face, eyes filled with disappointment and emptiness like a frozen lake, and said,…

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