Essay about The First Day Of My Freshman Year Of College

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September 6th, 2016. The first day of my freshman year of college. Not only was that my first day, it was many others first day as well. We all decided to spend thousands of dollars to further our education with one main goal in mind, to graduate with a degree that will lead us to our dream job. Many of us share common interests, experiences, and methods of communication.
This is, I’ve learned, all part of being in a discourse community. Although the discourse reading was somewhat confusing, it challenged me in various ways. I had to adapt to the complex vocabulary along with the back and forth perspectives the author continually maintained. Until the first day of college, I’d been a part of discourse community with the same people for almost seven years. From middle school to throughout high school, I went to school with the same students. Like college, we had one goal in mind, to graduate. We were taught the same values, to someday achieve a higher education and become financially independent. High school classes were supposed to help prepare us for college, but I never thought how much more difficult college truly would be.
As a first-year college writer, I’ve discovered how much my writing skills need to improve. For example, reading discourse and the Tapp article I learned that I definitely have a lot more to learn before I can sincerely understand the vocabulary and content. My first paper I wrote as a college freshman was in Intro to American Government about…

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