The First Crusade And How It Effected Today Essay

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The First Crusade and How it Effected Today The First Crusade of nine effected the future without even knowing it. The Crusades were religious battles. Had the Crusades not happened many things that happen today, would not. One example is the impact the Crusades had in European expansion. If the First Crusade had not happened then the other eight would not have occurred either. If none of these had occurred the world would be a much different place. The First Crusade began in 1096 and ended in 1099 (First Crusade). Muslim armies had taken over Jerusalem, which was and is considered holy in to Christians. Because this city is considered holy many Christians made their way there to pay respect to The Church of Holy Sepulcher, and the tomb of Christ. They were also granted safe passage there because they were going to a holy city. In 1065 however, Seldjuk Turks, who were followers of Islam, invaded the city of Jerusalem and took it over (Alchin). When the Seldjuk Turks took over Jerusalem the Christians there were treated horribly. Three thousand were massacred and any that were not massacred were treated terribly. After this the Christian “pilgrim” changed into a warrior. Some Christians at the time decided it was needed to protect this holy place from any damage. The Turks taking over Jerusalem did not just effect Christians going there to pay respect (Alchin). Before the Turks took over Jerusalem Byzantine regained control of territory in Syria. When…

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