The First Bloodiest War Of American History Essays

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Though the issue of slavery was, for the most part, left on the political backburner from 1776 until about 1840, it remained hotly contested in the minds of a large number of Americans and would eventually intensify to the point of launching the nation into a Civil War. These economic, social, and political developments between Northern and Southern states planted the seeds of what would eventually become the single bloodiest war in American history. In 1619, a Dutch trade ship arrived at Jamestown, Virginia carrying the English colony’s first shipment of African slaves. For years, upper-class colonists used indentured servitude to harvest their fields of tobacco (the cash-cow of colonial America at the time), but after a while, they became tired of having to consistently buy new servants, so a transition was made from temporary, biracial indentured servitude to permanent slavery. In the following decades, the population of slaves in the colonies became almost exclusively African-American, as blacks had no representation in government and therefore could not resist imprisonment. On the topic of the transition from indentured servitude to slavery, David Blight, a historian, wrote: “This disorder that the indentured servant system had created made racial slavery to southern slaveholders much more attractive, because what were black slaves now? Well, they were a permanent dependent labor force, who could be defined as a people set apart. They were racially set apart. They were…

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