Essay about The Fire Next Time By James Baldwin

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There is a multitude of themes that are present in James Baldwin’s book, The Fire Next Time. However, there was one theme that decisively stood out. This theme that stood out was, the idea that Baldwin thinks racism in America must end sooner rather than later. Baldwin addresses this issue many different times throughout the entirety of his book. Additionally, Baldwin use stories from his past to give the reader a more realistic idea of what it’s like to deal with racism on a daily basis. Therefore, strengthening his claims about the racial injustices being committed by white Americans. Additionally, Baldwin’s use of the word “must” instead of “should” finely illustrates how passionately he feels about America needing to change its racist ways,“We can make America what America must become”(10). Therefore, Baldwin believes this change must happen sooner rather than later. Also, the idea that Baldwin believes freedom has yet to be granted to the African Americans is very evident throughout his book. “You know, I know, that the country is celebrating one hundred years of freedom one hundred years too soon”(10). Thus, Baldwin brings up another important issue in his book that is unmistakable throughout the entire novel. The issue that he brings up is, Baldwin believes America must change it’s racist ways in order to become the country it’s destined to be.
Also, the idea that change in society must be made on both sides, by the white Americans and the black Americans is…

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