The Final Solution For The World War II Essay

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The idea of Modern warfare was something that according to “” Neville Chamberlain would inflict much horror on civilians” (Lualdi, 252). Neville was not aware at the time how true his words would become so much the truth (Lualdi, 252). It seems once the war had begun there were those that seemed to be the target of the fury of Hitler (Laualdi, 252). It seems that what came of this horror that Hitler put citizens through was the Final solution. The Final solution was a system of camps that seemed to be for either making sure that European Jews were going imprisoned or killed between the years of 1941 and 1942 (Laualdi, 252). This idea of the Final Solution was all Hitler’s to make sure that the Jewish population would be gone and this took place in Germany in 1942. The Jews were seen at times fighting back in what was called “The Ghetto’ but in the end the battle was not one that they won. It seems that the children and the elderly were really the main targets in “The Ghetto” according to Sam Bankhalter. Looking at the two interviews between both Sam and Hindi the conclusion is that the two interviews are from their perspective about what happened during the times of the Holocaust, Sam talks about all the different things that he went through and this really is eye opening to see just how cruel the Germans were to those that were seen as different from them..These things that were done during this time are so hard to imagine that they one person could do that to…

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