The Film Show A Lot Of Events That Have Happened Essay

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The film show a lot of events that have happened in Frida’s life and they were in a way recorded or expressed by her through paintings. I have seen her work before watching this film and it tells me why she paint in the first place. In the film she usually paint with its subject mostly on herself. Other times it would be a work depicting someone close like her sister, lover, Mexican traditions, or Diego Rivera. For example, in one of her early works it was a portrait of her first love named Alejandro Comez Arias in 1928 (Frida Kahlo The Complete Works"). However, after the bus incident, he had to move on and so did Frida when she was bedridden. Throughout her life, she dealt with Mexican revolution, her husband Diego, her medical conditions with her back and legs, and even a miscarriage. All of which were described through her art. In addition, there were various influences and events that affected Frida’s work. For instance, she lived during the Mexican revolution who she seem to support like her family. There was the bus incident where she was in a cast for about 3 months and that’s when she decided to pursue her life as a painter. She once said "I paint myself because I am often alone and I am the subject I know best" ("Frida Kahlo The Complete Works"). There was the time when she was in New York at the Henry Ford Hospitable where she had a miscarriage of her baby with Diego. She made a painting that showed herself, a uterus, an orchid, her dead child, and a slug. The…

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