The Film Crash, Directed By Paul Haggis Essay

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In the award-winning film Crash, directed by Paul Haggis follows the life of various characters whose live interlock over the period of seventy-two hours. All the characters of the film all come from different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. The film brings to light the racial and ethnic stereotypes that people may silently have but surface in different ways with the interactions of others in society. One of the characters, Officer John Ryan has been an officer of the Los Angeles police department for over seventeen years. Officer John Ryan is both racist and prejudice which shown through this usage of language, actions towards African Americans and how he is perceived by the people around him.
Officer Ryan has no respect for African Americans which shown through the usage of language he decides to use the people of the African American community. In one of the scene when Officer Ryan was talking with Shaniqua, from the insurance office, regarding the pain his father is in due to prostate cancer but is being treated for as a urinary tract infection. Officer Ryan begins to become infuriated because he wants his father to see a different doctor outside the HMO insured doctors and Shaniqua begins to tell Officer Ryan that if he has any more questions he can make an appointment to come in between ten and four, Monday through Friday. Officer Ryan says “
Officer Ryan: I wanna talk to your supervisor...
Shaniqua: I am my supervisor!
Officer Ryan: Yeah, what is your name?…

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