The Fight For Native American Rights Essay

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The Fight for Native American Rights and the Restoration of Native American Culture

For longer than we care to admit, as European Americans, racism has been a significant and controversial part of our identity. Every race and culture new to the United States has experienced unique stereotypes and discrimination, and although these issues have for the large part been amended, racism and racist tendencies have yet to be completely eradicated from our nature. The most prevalent in today’s American society is directed towards the land’s own original peoples: Native Americans. According to a study “Native Americans were nearly 13 times more likely to be assaulted or raped than Hispanics, seven times more likely than Whites, five times more likely than African-Americans and 39 times more likely than Asian-Americans. Overall, Native Americans experienced less than 1 percent of all total violent crimes in 2000.” However, "American Indians and Alaska Natives make up less than 1 percent of the population, according to Census Bureau figures.” (STAR 2003). Being such a small part of the overall American population, it is no surprise Native American issues are overlooked. But, we have a moral obligation to rectify all our misdeeds towards Americans, both occurring presently, and the unjustified hate and discrimination of the past that caused us to drive these people from what is by right theirs. It is common knowledge that the first European settlers coming to America sought…

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