Bacon's Rebellion Research Paper

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Bacon’s Rebellion Bacon’s Rebellion put the self-governed state of Virginia to a test. Virginia was undergoing an economic, political and social transition. Nathaniel Bacon lead the Virginian settlers in 1676 in a rebellion to challenge Governor William Berkeley’s authority. The colonist chose Bacon, “a leader they hardly knew” (Beverley 1), and turned to go against Berkeley, a man “whom they all entirely loved” (Beverley 1). Bacon’s Rebellion was a major event that helped shape America to what it is today. In this paper will be stated who Nathaniel Bacon is, why he started the rebellion, what he did and the results of his actions. Nathaniel Bacon was born January 2, 1647, in Suffolk, England, and died October 26, 1676, in Virginia. …show more content…
The events, all going off of each other, being the low prices of tobacco, the Virginia colony splitting into properties, restraints and burdens put on their trade, and the disturbance from the Indians. The first one being the low price of tobacco and the ill usage of the planters in the exchange of goods for it. The country, with all their soleman attempt to achieve a goal, could not be set right. The second one being, the splitting of the Virginia colony into properties and the taxes the colonist were forced to face. King Charles the Second made two grants, Northern and Southern grants of Virginia, which were inactive until 1674. The country didn’t agree with this so they sent Mr. Secretary Ludwell and Colonel Park to address the king to remove the grants. As a result there was a heavy tax put on tobacco and poor people. Thirdly, heavy restraints and burdens were put on by the act of Parliament in England. “Upon the back of all these misfortunes came out the act of 25 Car. II. for better securing the plantation trade” (Beverley 2). This act laid many jobs on the trade from plantation to plantation. The revenue raised by this act was not given to the use of plantations but instead given to create a better income for officers. Lastly, the trade and tax problems led to the disturbance with Indians. The Indians committed many crimes and that angered Bacon and many colonist so many of them were

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