Essay on The Fight For Gay Rights

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The gay rights movement is arguably one of the biggest social movements our country, and this world, has ever seen. On the American home front, the fight for gay rights has been active for ninety years, since the creation of the Society for Human Rights, the first gay-rights organization. In the 20th century, the movement garnered some significant accomplishments, but by the time the century came to a close, gay couples were still lacking something significant: the right to marriage. In 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage to be between one man and one woman. Though the Democratic National Convention began to support the fight for gay rights in 1980, the act actually reflected the opinion of many Americans. However, that opinion began to change increasingly fast around the beginning of the 21st century. After the Defense of Marriage Act was signed into law, numerous public figures and celebrities, such as Ellen DeGeneres, came out as either gay or as a supporter of the movement. The turn of the century started with a small victory for the gay rights movement, when Vermont legalized same-sex civil unions in July of 2000. However, civil unions, though they grant nearly the same rights and responsibilities similar to marriages, are not recognized under federal law. In February 2004, President George Bush, in response to the opinions of many of his constituents altering in favor of gay rights, announced his support for a…

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