The Fight For Equality By Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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The fight for equality has been going on for hundreds of years; A Time to Kill and To Kill a Mockingbird are both examples of black men facing trial during different time periods. This is not the end of the similarities between the two. There are several reasons that To Kill a Mockingbird and A Time to Kill are both famous, critically-acclaimed stories about justice; these reasons make them fairly similar films. They each stand out because of their differences. These films have similar themes and plots, however, their differences allow them to both be important and powerful in a unique way.
One of the most obvious similarities in these two stories is the brave lawyer fighting for equality. Jake and Atticus both live in small, southern towns that are overflowing with racism. They both decided to take a risky case involving black men. The cases are risky for many reasons; one reason is that the black man is not expected to win either of the trials. Another reason is that if the lawyer loses, they will also lose the respect of many people in the town, lose business, and possibly lose family or friends. They both take the case because it is the right thing to do. They believe that people, no matter what race, deserve a fair trial. Jake and Atticus invest their time and energy into their cases, so they can make a solid case to free the guilty man.
One of the more hidden parallels between To Kill A Mockingbird and A Time To Kill is the comparison of Boo Radley and Mickey Mouse.…

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