The Field Of Organizational Theory And Management Essay

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A review of literature that spans over a century devoted to defining an organization reveals that any definition which might be functional is subjective. The field of organizational theory and management is characterized by numerous approaches, each with its own set of definitions reflecting a certain bias.
Central to Thompson (1967), Burns and Stalker (1961) and recently Clegg, Konberger and Pitsi
(2005) was the environment of the organization hence they defined organizations in the context of their environment. Each organization is defined in the context of its environment. The works of Perrow (1986), Woodward (1980) and Tata and Prasad (2004) explained organizations in terms of their technologies. Weber (1947,) conceptualized organizations with regard to system of control from which he termed the ideal bureaucratic organization. Buchanan and Huczynki
(2003), explained organizations as social units seeking specific goals. Any one approach with its own set of definition is likely to ignore some aspects of organizations which another approach considers to be vital.
Hall (1965) provided a definition of an organization which seems to include most of the major notions suggested by other scholars of organizational theory. Hall notes
" An organization is a collection with a relatively identifiable boundary, a normative order, authority ranks, communication systems and a membership coordinating system, this collectively exists on continuous basis in an
environment and engages in…

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