The Field Of International Development And Foreign Relations Essay

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The field of International Development and Foreign Relations is an interesting and complex area in the study of politics and public policy. In this paper, I will discuss three very different but intertwined organizations. Walmart, the Center of Global Development, and the United States Agency on International Development are not commonly associated, however they all play a major role in global policy. This paper is going to show how each organization is interrelated in the field of global development and foreign relations.
For the private sector, the company is I researched is Walmart. The first Walmart was opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas by founder Sam Walton. Currently, Walmart serves more than 200 million customers each week at more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries and has 2.2 million employees worldwide ( Their business is about ensuring the “Everyday Low Price” to people everywhere so they save more money and live better lives. They have also used their company’s size and scale to combat issues around the globe. Issues like environment sustainability, ending hunger and empowering women ( Walmart is also very involved in the local communities they serve. They accomplish this by providing grants to thousands of organizations and by promoting the volunteer efforts of their many employees.
For the non-profit sector, I researched the Center for Global Development. This non-profit works…

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