The Field Of Human Resource Management Essay

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Employee Voice (EV) has become one of the most increasingly debatable subjects in the field of Human Resource Management. Generally the term refers to the extent of involvement and participation of employees in business decisions in order to assist management in establishing a stronger organizational commitment and well-balanced work field (Dudon, Wilkinson, Marchington, & Ackers, 2004, p. 22). However the concept is ever changing when identifying different literature. While referring to the view from Human Resource Management, EV is a valuable contribution that tends to lead the organization into an improved state, from employee behavior and attitudes to loyalty and commitment. Research has demonstrated the benefits that can be accrued by giving employees a voice. In broad terms, the benefits will fall into three areas (Wilkinson & Fay , 2011, pp. 65-74)improved employee attitudes, behaviours, loyalty and more co-operative employment relations; improved organisational effectiveness, including increases in productivity and individual performance and improved systems by tapping into employees’ ideas, knowledge and experience and promoting greater diffusion of information.
Literature also suggests that the concept of EV will also be able to improve performance and increase productivity of individuals at workplace as well as establish a lower absenteeism. Human Resource Management also evaluates EV as a crucial concept as this will improve managerial systems by having the…

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