Essay about The Field Of Earth Science And Engineering

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Statement of Research Interests
My research interests and expertise encompass several key areas of the broader field of Earth Science and Engineering. The complexity of geomaterials and their interactions with other engineering parameters create a wide range of problems for scientist and engineers. In many cases, an interdisciplinary expertise is the key solution for these kinds of complex problems. Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in geological/geophysical engineering. Also I have a strong background in the fields of mining engineering and rock mechanics. I design and conduct collaborative studies with researchers from the fields of physics, chemistry, and engineering to establish a new interdisciplinary perspective to address geo-engineering problems. I apply and develop statistical, numerical, machine learning, and artificial intelligence methods to solve geo-engineering problems. The four main areas of my research are briefly described below.
Pattern recognition and geotechnical interpretation of electrical resistivity and seismic model: Properties of geo-materials are often derived from drill holes, direct observation, and laboratory testing, as well as in situ measurements. This information is time-consuming and expensive to obtain. Moreover, direct measurements are made at a few localities only. Geophysical methods can be used to provide an initial quick estimation of the properties of rocks and soils. The rock/soil parameters that are obtained through…

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