Essay on The Field Of Criminal Justice

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The field of criminal justice provides professionals that help maintain the law and minimise criminal behaviour such as, robbery, murder and so on. Also give different kinds of punishments as consequences to their unlawfully behaviour by committed a crime. There are many fields of the criminal justice practice like, police, courts and corrections that can underpin the law and help maintain unlawfully behaviour from occurring. Focusing specifically on policing, discussed below will explain the history of policing. Considering how the different kind of crime theories underpin policing, and analyse how it contributes to criminal justice. Lastly, consider how the importance of gender helps understand policing.
The term policing falls under the corrections field of criminal justice. Firstly, policing is defined as professionals who “prevent crime, enforce the law and detect offenders (Waddington & Wright, 2010). But there are also many other definitions that describe what policing is, as for the United Kingdom policing system, it defines policing as ‘being able to achieve voluntary compliance with the law in the community, as well as prevent crime and maintain order (Roufa, 2016). But it does bring concerns towards whether it is right for police to punish wrongdoers, as it does confuse society with criminals. It is mentioned that “in order to establish if someone has committed a crime their case should be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but as for wrongdoers it…

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