The Fiction Of Frankenstein And The Modern Prometheus Essay

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Many of the professional literary critiques that emerged following the publishing of Frankenstein were less than positive in their evaluations of its quality and value. Some of these critics devalued it based on its failure to present a positive message to readers while others criticized inconsistencies within the story. One article that criticized both aspects of this novel was The Literary Panorama and National Register’s “Review of Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus.” This paper was well known in this era and considered a credible source of information regarding literature. Despite offering superficial compliments, the author attempts to prove that this work of fiction is a disappointment considering the school from which it proceeds. While some evidence is given to prove this thesis, it seems to lack relevance and weight. I will, in the following paragraphs, show that The Panorama’s thesis is poorly argued and is tainted in gender bias. The Panorama argues that the novel Frankenstein “seems to have been written in great haste, and on a very crude and ill-digested plan; and the detail is, in consequence, frequently filled with the most gross and obvious inconsistencies.” The evidence provided for this claim is the basis for the author’s thesis. The inconsistencies that the author notes are about the monster’s ability to function and learn even though he is like a newborn baby and has no knowledge or instinct to do such things. When the creature is given the spark of…

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