The Feminist Photographer By Barbara Kruger And Cindy Sherman

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One of the feminist photographers in the 1970’s is Californian born Judy Dater, who aimed at depicting women at comfort with their bodies through portraits (Marien, 2006). The feminist photographer aimed at highlighting the need for women to be comfortable with their bodies despite differences in body shapes and sizes among women. Judy Dater used sexy middle-aged subjects in the 1975 period to represent the feminist agenda. Noggle is another feminist photographer in the same period that together with Darter used self-portraits and portraits of other women in relaying the need to be comfortable with their bodies in response to the face-lifts and other women bodily changes that were happening at the time (Warren, 2005). These photographers mainly dealt with women’s identity and did not consider gender as the primary issue in their photography. This would then change in later photography with feminist photographers including Barbara Kruger, and Cindy Sherman constructed their work based on gender identity (Warren, 2005). Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman both used imagery in criticizing the objectification of women in Hollywood films and the perpetration of gender stereotypes. Kruger used a combination of image and word pieces resulting in images with stripped red slogans to comment on the pervasive power of culture and other social issues relating to gender identity. Sherman focused on gender identity, violence, sex industry, and eating disorders to criticize the perpetration…

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